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Subtor is a professional manufacturer of progressive cavity pumps and we can recommend the right products based on your specific application needs. We can also design custom products if your needs are not met by traditional models. The core components of our products are the stator and rotor. These, along with the universal joint sheath can be fully customized according to your ideas. We are more than happy to provide you with technical advice and guidance along the way.

  • Progressive Cavity Pump Design
    Progressive Cavity Pump Design

    Subtor is an industry recognized manufacturer of progressive cavity pumps. We apply significant importance to the abilities of our technical staff when it comes to design and development details. We have 10 staff members in charge of technology and product research and development, and 5 highly skilled employees for process development projects.

  • Production Capability
    Production Capability

    Equipment model: PS1000. The five-axis NC spiral milling machine was imported from Germany to process single head, double head, and multi head rotors, connecting rods, and other spare pump parts. The machine can also produce helicoids in various shapes. The maximum machining length is 10,000mm, the maximum workpiece diameter is 300mm. 11 helical surfaces can be machined at the most.

  • Quality Control
    Quality Control

    As a highly experienced producer of progressive cavity pumps, we can not only provide customers with high-performance PC pumps, but we can also provide you with custom pumping solutions that can handle the mediums that will be pumped in your operation. Subtor introduced progressive cavity pumps and core technologies from Germany. These parts include the stator and universal joint sheath, which can be customized according to customer requirements. We can provide special designs to meet any application needs.