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Progressive Cavity Pump Spare Parts

As a progressive cavity pump manufacturer, we not only offer full pumps, but also a variety of spare parts, including the stator, rotor and connecting rod. Not only do we customize products, but we also offer a wide selection of standard parts to choose from.

    1. Progressive Cavity Pump Connecting Rod We can customize the connecting rod to meet exact customer requirements, and in different structures, such as the asymmetrical connecting rod, taper connecting rod, or multi-layer connecting rod.
    1. Progressive Cavity Pump Stator It features a high temperature resistance- up to 300℃.
      The rigid stator can bear a high pressure medium. They feature a small torque and a single stage pressure of up to 12 bar.
      In a progressive cavity pump with the same flow, a pump with a rigid stator will be smaller than one with a rubber stator.
    1. Progressive Cavity Pump Rotor The metal materials used can also be treated for surface hardening or vacuum heating, with the hardness of the metal after treatment reaching HRC60-65°. The surface can also be sprayed with a tungsten carbide or chromium carbide in specific industries to give the surface a hardness of HRC68° in order to improve its wear resistance.
    1. Other Progressive Cavity Pump Replacement Parts We maintain a stock of common progressive cavity pump spare parts, including a universal joint sheath, O seal ring, universal joint component and more. By doing so, we can ensure a quick, on-time delivery to meet customer needs.

Weifang Subtor as a German Subtor invested company in China, offers wide range of progressive cavity pumps, rotor and stator components. With German supported technology and rich marketing resources, Subtor provides quality PCP pumps as well as rotor stator parts for global clients.

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