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Multiphase Flow Progressive Cavity Pump

  • Multiphase Flow Progressive Cavity Pump
  • Multiphase Flow Progressive Cavity Pump

With one pipe that simultaneously moves oil and gas, a multiphase flow progressive cavity pump is used specifically to convey the oil/gas mixture, and thus, reduce movement costs. To stabilize the flow output, an automatic constant pressure control system is equipped on the inlet side.

1. Lower the wellhead back pressure, reduce the leakage
2. Increase the pipe pressure, higher transmission efficiency
3. When the mixture contains too much gas, the multiphase conveying pump carries out a forced lubrication to prolong the service life.


Class: 1-12 class
Working pressure:
Single-head pump: 6 bar,12 bar, 18 bar, 24 bar, 36 bar, 48 bar, 60 bar, 72 bar
Double-head pump: 5 bar, 10 bar, 20 bar
Model: Single-head monoblock pump, double-head monoblock pump

Model specification
Model Flow rate (m3/h) Speed range (rpm) Motor power (kw)
VD090-026M06OH 40~85 180~350 55~110
VD100-040M06OH 50~110 150~320 90~160
VD120-060M06OH 50~160 140~280 110~250
VD150-112M06OH 100~220 120~230 130~315
VD090-026M08OH 40~80 180~350 90~160
VD100-080M08OH 50~100 160~320 110~250
VD120-060M08OH 50~150 140~280 132~315
VD150-112M08OH 100~220 120~230 160~450

Weifang Subtor as a German Subtor invested company in China, offers wide range of progressive cavity pumps and components. The multiphase flow progressive cavity pump has typical applications as oil and gas pumping, lubricating oil pumping, etc. A progressive cavity pump is a type of positive displacement pump, also known as eccentric screw pump. With German supported technology and rich marketing resources, Subtor provides quality PCP pumps with custom solutions for global clients.

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